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4 months ago

3 Tech Stocks Warren Buffett Would Love - Motley Fool


Image Source: Fool Flickr.

Berkshire Hathaway(NYSE:BRK-A) (NYSE:BRK-B) founder and CEO and Warren Buffett's aversion to tech stocks is well known. The Oracle of Omaha has said repeatedly that he does not like to invest in tech stocks because he cannot effectively predict their future cash flows, and he believes that often the nascent industries represented by tech companies generally include more losers than winners.

Buffett broke that rule a few years ago with his investment inIBM, and Berkshire's recent move to invest in Applemade headline

7 months ago

Library employee's plea for transgender insurance ignored -

Buy PhotoRachel Dovel, who identifies as a transgender wom

11 months ago

Excellent Information To Help You Become A Better Money Manager

It is essential that every individual knows how to properly manage his or her personal finances. It is very easy for them to fall into debt and potentially lose everything if a person does not know the right way to manage their money. This article contains a number of personal finance tips to help people manage their money.

Do your shopping relatively quickly if you are searching for a mortgage or auto loan. Unlike with other types of credit (e.g. credit cards), a number of inquiries within a short period of time for the purpose of securing a mortgage or auto loan won't hurt your score very much.

Shop around before committing to a specific lender for financing. Talk to severa

11 months ago

Stop Your Financial Fight With These Expert Tips!

In today's world financial goals are important. Whether saving for a car, home or even college tuition for your kids, you need a solid plan to hit those goals. Advice can be the best thing for building your foundation for a plan or impacting the plan you already have set forth. Read ahead and find some help that can make the difference you need.

Avoid large fees when investing. It is common for investment managers to assess substantial fees for the work they do on your behalf. Your total return can be affected by the fees they will charge you. It's important to research brokers before you use them. Find out what their fees are as well as any other costs associated with working with t